Aug 18

2014 – 2015 Lunch Schedule

Here is a list of teachers and their designated lunch times.

11:25-11:50 ROBERTSON
11:35-12:00 WHITE/ANGLEA
11:45-12:10 COX/WHITAKER
11:55-12:20 HICKS/HYPES
12:00-12:25 TUCKER
12:10-12:35 SHRULL/BOSTIC
12:15-12:40 JAMES/STEPHENS
12:20-12:45 SMITH/KANE
12:25-12:50 SWINGER/MERLIN
12:35-1:00 MCKINNEY/MOOY
12:40-1:05 PARK

Jul 20

2014-2015 School Supply List

Kindergarten Supply List

Scissors – Fiskar Blunt

Folder – Poly w/ pockets & brads, 2 solid colors

Folder – Poly pockets only

Construction paper 9×12 (not assorted)

Crayola Crayons – 24 count

Jumbo Crayons

Glue – Elmer’s 4 oz

Roll on glue


Jul 07

2014-2015 School Year

School Registration

July 29 and 31 will be registration evenings from 5:00-8:00 p.m.  Student names will be posted outside the classroom doors and folders will be available there (NOT in the Cafeteria as in years past) in hopes of eliminating the long lines.

For students new to the area, registration is on July 23, from 8:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.

First Full Day, Grades 1-5

The first full day for Grades 1-5 is Monday, August 4.

Election Day

There is no school on Thursday, August 07, due to Election Day.

Please refer to school calendar for additional details.

Jul 07

2014 Kindergarten Testing and Phase-In Information

Can you believe it is almost time for your little one to begin Kindergarten?  We look forward to working with your student and your families whether this is your first child to enter our school, your only, or your last one.  Truly we hope this will be a wonderful experience.

Below please find some important dates and times to assist you with your plans for the Phase-In Week.  More information will be available on the Registration Evenings (You will only need to attend one of them).


Mar 07

ILE Good Citizens

ILE Good Citizens demonstrate helpfulness, respect and consideration to their classmates, school and environment.

Be sure to congratulate the latest group of Good Citizens for earning this reward the next time you see them!

Mar 04

Sneak Peek: The POW WOW 2014 book is here

POW WOW 2014 Book Cover

POW WOW 2014 is right around the corner!

The 2014 POW WOW book will help you prepare for the big weekend – it includes details on auction items, activity schedules and our wonderful sponsors.

To access the 2014 book PDF and brush up on your POW WOW knowledge, click here.

POW WOW 2014 Book Cover




Mar 04

Upcoming Events Calendar

March 2014 Events

March 2014 Events

Feb 02

MealPay Plus Memo

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 8.27.24 AM

To: Parents

From: Linda Becker, SNS

          School Nutrition Director

          Sumner County Schools

Date: January 28, 2014

Subject: Insufficient Fund Checks/Required Information

Sumner County’s School Nutrition Program is now using Nexcheck as the service provider for collection

of insufficient fund checks. The company will be collecting the money for bad checks written to the

program for payment of meals and a la carte items purchased. There will be a charge of $30.00 for a

returned check which will be charged by Nexcheck. The amount charged is the requirement from

Nexcheck and not from the School Nutrition Program. If you have an insufficient fund check in the

amount of $20.00 then the amount you will owe Nexcheck will be $50.00. The company adds the

amount of the insufficient fund check plus the $30.00 charge for the returned check to the total for the

amount the parent would pay Nexcheck for the insufficient fund check written.

We regret we are having to depend on a service  provider for the collection of returned checks but due

to the amount of returned checks we are experiencing, we must resort to this service to help with

the collection of insufficient fund checks.

We are also unable to accept counter checks. The checks that you send in should have your name and

address printed on them. Also you must include a valid telephone number on your check.

Aug 18

Open House Information

ILE will be hosting two separate Back-to-School/Open House Evenings this week.  These are posted here, the marquee, and will be communicated to you by your child’s teacher.

Tuesday, August 20th = K-2 from 6:30-7:30 P.M.

Thursday, August 22nd = 3-5 from 6:30-7:30 P.M.

On these evenings, please report directly to your child’s classroom for a brief video and then an opportunity to hear from the teacher.  With Parent-Teacher Conferences soon after these dates, we ask that thesenights be spent hearing about how your child’s teacher will communicate, general expectations, routines, and other aspects of your child’s day.

The exception to the above is for parents of 5th graders.  On Thursday evening, we ask that you meet in the Cafeteria so that you have time to meet each of the four teachers your child sees each day.

We have tried to split the two evenings so those with multiple children may be able to see each of their children’s teachers, but also to help with the parking situation, too.

We thank you for a FANTASTIC beginning to our year, and we look forward to seeing you on one of these evenings.

Aug 12

Lunch Schedule for 2013 – 2014 School Year

Time                                    Line 1                            Line 2

11:10-11:40                       BENJAMIN                    BENTLEY

11:15-11:45                       BOSTIC                           SHRULL

11:20-11:50                       WALKER                         ANGLEA

11:25-11:55                       ROBERTSON                  SEIGENTHALER

11:30-12:00                       SMITH                             WHITE

11:35-12:05                       BRANCH                          KANE

11:40-12:10                       MCCAY                            MERLIN

11:45-12:15                       SWINGER                        CASEY

11:50-12:20                       DILLEHAY                        DILLON

11:55-12:25                       HICKS                               TUCKER

12:00-12:30                       MARTINOLI                     MCKINNEY

12:05-12:35                       MOOY                               HARRIS

12:10-12:40                       PARK                                    N/A

12:15-12:45                       ELDRIDGE                         WHITAKER

12:20-12:50                       PURSLEY                            VOSS

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