Feb 02

MealPay Plus Memo

To: Parents

From: Linda Becker, SNS

          School Nutrition Director

          Sumner County Schools

Date: January 28, 2014

Subject: Insufficient Fund Checks/Required Information

Sumner County’s School Nutrition Program is now using Nexcheck as the service provider for collection

of insufficient fund checks. The company will be collecting the money for bad checks written to the

program for payment of meals and a la carte items purchased. There will be a charge of $30.00 for a

returned check which will be charged by Nexcheck. The amount charged is the requirement from

Nexcheck and not from the School Nutrition Program. If you have an insufficient fund check in the

amount of $20.00 then the amount you will owe Nexcheck will be $50.00. The company adds the

amount of the insufficient fund check plus the $30.00 charge for the returned check to the total for the

amount the parent would pay Nexcheck for the insufficient fund check written.

We regret we are having to depend on a service  provider for the collection of returned checks but due

to the amount of returned checks we are experiencing, we must resort to this service to help with

the collection of insufficient fund checks.

We are also unable to accept counter checks. The checks that you send in should have your name and

address printed on them. Also you must include a valid telephone number on your check.