Jan 11

AdvancEd Visit – ILE Was Selected!

Dear Parents,

Attached please find a brochure from the AdvancEd Organization who is responsible for overseeing the reaccreditation of thousands of schools and districts world-wide. Over the past year, each school in Sumner County has been busy collecting evidence of our dedication to meet and surpass the standards of expectations for schools and systems that are accredited. More of that can be read in the attached brochure, but I did want to let you know that some schools in each district going through this process are selected to be visited… and ILE was selected as one of those schools this year!

On the morning of Tuesday, March 08, 2016, a small team will visit Indian Lake Elementary to meet with the administration, some teachers and staff, and will likely tour the school some, too. The visit will only last a half of a day, and other schools in our district will be visited as well. Input from the voluntary parent and student surveys and faculty/staff surveys were just some of the hundreds of sources of evidence that went into the compilation of the information that will lead to our school being re-accredited.

Per the advisement of our Central Office, the attached brochure is being shared with you for information to let you know that we are all striving to excel in the area of education while remembering what makes each one of our students special and worthy of our very best. Because ILE is a Blue Ribbon School and a two-time Reward School, we consider it an honor that the AdvancEd Team selected to come and visit with us during their time here.


Ondie Mitchell, Principal

AdvancED pamphlet for parents and community