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Jul 30

Tennessee Department of Education Reduces Testing Time by 30 Percent

NASHVILLE—Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen announced significant changes to state

assessments today that respond to feedback from educators, parents, and students—including eliminating Part

I in all subjects, restructuring the test to better fit within the school day and year, and reducing overall testing

time. The changes come as the department finalizes its contract with Questar, the primary vendor for the 2016-

17 Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP). Read More

Jul 11

Kindergarten Phase-in Week

The first week of school for kindergarteners will be a phase-in week where students will attend TWICE to allow for small groups to learn and to feel comfortable as they adjust to routines.
Please see the below schedule to determine the dates your child will attend during that week to assist you in your planning.  These days will be full days at school (8:30am – 3:30pm).  Students who arrive prior to 8:15 will wait in the gym until the bell rings for them to go to their class.  Adults will be in there to supervise, and for the phase-in week, you may wait in the gym with your child if you would like.  Please note that assignments to specific teachers will not be made until after the New Student Registration on July 27, so please be patient as you wait to hear from your child’s teacher before August 01.  We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our school family.
Monday, August 8th: last names A-I
Tuesday, August 9th: last names J-Q
Wednesday, August 10th: last names R-Z
Thursday, August 11th: last names A-L
Friday, August 12th: last names M-Z
The following Monday, August 15, ALL Kindergarteners will begin school full-time.


Jul 05

A Note from our Principal





As everyone is enjoys the month of July in various ways before gearing up for another great year, I wanted to give you just some brief logistical points to help you in your back to school planning. More updates will become available as the beginning of school approaches, but for now, I hope these help.


Jul 02

2016 – 2017 School Year Supply List

The upcoming school year is approaching quickly! Here is the 2016-2017 Supply List:


3 Crayons, box 24
1 Block eraser
1 Elmer’s glue, 4 oz.
1 Liquid, roll on type glue
12 # 2 pencils
1 Scissor, blunt
1 Box Kleenex
1 Box Ziploc, sandwich bags
1 Box Ziploc, gallon bags


Apr 11

End-of-Year Notification for Medicine Pick-up

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Although it seems early to be discussing this, district policy changed in January 2016 about medications left in the clinic after the spring term. Please keep this information fresh in your mind and share this information with other parents in the spirit of looking ahead.

If your student receives medication during the school day, please note that ALL medications (prescription and non prescription) MUST be picked up by a parent, guardian or parent designated adult by the last day of school instruction and/or the last day if the child transfers to another school. The school is unable to properly store medications over the summer. Medications (regardless of cost) that remain in clinic will be disposed of on the last day of school instruction, after dismissal.

Please arrange your schedule and look ahead to the last week of school to come in and see Nurse Sarah.

Sarah Huckabay, RN, BSN

Indian Lake Elementary
work cell: 615-630-3567

Jan 11

AdvancEd Visit – ILE Was Selected!

Dear Parents,

Attached please find a brochure from the AdvancEd Organization who is responsible for overseeing the reaccreditation of thousands of schools and districts world-wide. Over the past year, each school in Sumner County has been busy collecting evidence of our dedication to meet and surpass the standards of expectations for schools and systems that are accredited. More of that can be read in the attached brochure, but I did want to let you know that some schools in each district going through this process are selected to be visited… and ILE was selected as one of those schools this year!

On the morning of Tuesday, March 08, 2016, a small team will visit Indian Lake Elementary to meet with the administration, some teachers and staff, and will likely tour the school some, too. The visit will only last a half of a day, and other schools in our district will be visited as well. Input from the voluntary parent and student surveys and faculty/staff surveys were just some of the hundreds of sources of evidence that went into the compilation of the information that will lead to our school being re-accredited.

Per the advisement of our Central Office, the attached brochure is being shared with you for information to let you know that we are all striving to excel in the area of education while remembering what makes each one of our students special and worthy of our very best. Because ILE is a Blue Ribbon School and a two-time Reward School, we consider it an honor that the AdvancEd Team selected to come and visit with us during their time here.


Ondie Mitchell, Principal

AdvancED pamphlet for parents and community

Jan 11

Very Important: Picture Information

Jan. 15 Picture Schedule

Dear Parents,

To say that our school picture situation this year has been less than ideal would be quite the understatement, and truly I appreciate your incredible patience more than I could possibly say. At this point, a different school photography company will be handling our class, club, and spring pictures. Many of you are familiar with them: Interstate Studios used by several schools in our area.

What does this mean to us at the moment? Once again I ask for your patience with the following changes:

  • THIS Friday, January 15, will be a day for “Yearbook Pictures.” Due to many of the students’ pictures not being located for the class pages in the yearbook, Interstate Studios has graciously agreed to come this Friday and take a classic head shot for the yearbook of EACH child to ensure EVERY child has a picture for the yearbook. For the golfers out there, consider it a Mulligan, if you will. J
  • This should take no more than 10 minutes for each class as we want to interrupt instruction as little as possible.
  • The background on Friday will be blue.
  • A schedule for picture times is attached.
  • Where we have used parent volunteers before, we hate to ask that again, so we will try to handle this with teachers and staff.
  • As is the case with ALL school portraits, purchases are optional. A paper proof will be provided with information if you want to order any in the event you were not satisfied with the ones in the Fall. The flyer will have information about how to order online should you want to do so, but please know this is not about a fundraiser for the school. Rather, it is necessary in order to have pictures for the yearbook, so if no one chooses to purchase a package, that is still fine, so please feel no pressure to purchase.
  • If students are absent this Friday, we will try to locate their picture from the Fall or take another one here at school. There will be no retakes after this Friday… hopefully! J
  • Also, our Class, Club, and Individual Spring Pictures will ALL be on Friday, March 18, with more information about that in the weeks to come. Please note this to mean the pictures indicated on the school events calendar will NOT be taken tomorrow – again, those will be on March 18.

Flagship Photography regrets the many issues encountered this Fall, and they were willing to work with us so that we could secure alternate plans for this year that will hopefully result in smoother procedures and more quality photos for our students.

Personally, again I thank you for understanding that in the grand scheme of making sure each child’s safety and education are top priority, this is relatively a small matter. However, I apologize profusely for the inconveniences these matters have caused.


Ondie Mitchell, Principal

Yearbook Picture Day Schedule, Friday, January 15

Jan. 15 Picture Schedule

  • Students will line up alphabetically.
  • Pictures will be taken in the gym.
  • The background will be blue.
  • This will be a head shot for the yearbook.
  • Teachers and staff will have theirs made beginning at 8:00 OR with their class.
  • No card will be necessary to give to the photographer.
  • If students are with a Related Arts teacher, then that teacher will bring them to the gym.

Jan 11

Welcome Back from Mrs. Mitchell

Dear ILE Families,

Truly I hope the Winter Break was a wonderful opportunity for you to spend time together, relax at least a little, and make memories that will last for years to come. To say that I was humbled, once again, by your generosity would be an understatement. Your generosity never ceases to amaze me. I feel honored to serve as your principal.

We want to welcome several new faces to our ILE family. First of all, Ms. Dana White has been serving as our Interim School Counselor while Mrs. Culp is on Maternity Leave. She has a phone extension and her email is should you desire to reach out to her. Our students and teachers have already enjoyed working with her. Also, Mrs. Elizabeth Jerrolds joins our Special Education Team, replacing Mrs. Courtney who left just before the break, and she has almost 15 years of experience in our county. Mrs. Stephens has returned from her Maternity Leave, and we welcome her back.

A few reminders as we settle back into our routines are listed below for your review:

  • Please remember to sign out at the kiosk in the office at the end of your visit. Otherwise, the system shows that you are still in the building and can impact your ability to sign in the next time you visit.
  • Both in the mornings at drop off as well as at dismissal, PLEASE remember to pull all the way forward as far as possible for unloading and loading. Both doors are accessible, and students can move to where they need to enter quickly. Not doing this causes the line to back up into the road and causes confusion in the afternoons when students have been directed to stand near the 1, 2, or 3.
  • Also, please make certain your child is ready to exit your vehicle upon stopping in the line as this holds up the line significantly. If you need to assist your child from the passenger side of the vehicle, please park in a parking spot and use one of the two crosswalks to either escort them across or to cross with me at the main one. Some vehicles require the driver to exit the vehicle on their side, and usually this is fine for not slowing down the traffic too much. Gathering their backpacks, lunchboxes, etc., as you pull into the drive helps more than one might realize.
  • All visitors MUST sign in at the kiosk in the front office if you will be moving throughout the building, visiting at lunch, or helping in a classroom.
  • Parent Portal grades are supposed to be updated weekly. If you have not logged in yet, please contact for your child’s number that can also be used for the lunch account.
  • Changes in transportation should be phoned in to the office no later than 3:00 to make certain we have time to get the message to your child. Please send a note or email to the teacher the night before or early in the morning of a transportation change as teachers cannot check email throughout the day as they are busy with our students and may not see the message.
  • Snack times are provided during the day, so please try to send a snack with your child as well as a water bottle that they are welcome to refill as research proves how beneficial hydration and nutrition are to student learning and well-being.

Please continue to reach out to your child’s teacher with questions or let us know how we may be of assistance. The Pow Wow coming up in March is a great way to get to know more people and support our school while having a great time.

We know many of you had a choice about where you moved and did so because of OUR school – collectively – students, teachers, staff, parents, and community members, and I always take that to heart with sincere appreciation.

As I have shared, I am a parent first, and I always want to think how I would want my son to be treated and act accordingly. Thank you for sharing your children with us. For trusting us with them and for partnering with us in this amazing experience of helping them grow and develop in all areas of life.

With warmest regards,

Ondie Mitchell, Principal

Sep 15

2015 Warrior Walk Information

Schedule of events

Friday, September 18th Kick-off Assembly
Friday, September 25th Warrior Walk (Parents & Grandparents invited)

Walk Times:

12-10 Opening Ceremony

12:40-1:10 K/1st Track Time

1:25-1:55 2nd/3rd Track Time

2:10-2:40 4th/5th Track Time

2:40 Closing Ceremony for all

Class colors for the Warrior Walk:

Kindergarten (Orange)
Bender Purple
Bentley Yellow
Bostic Blue
Shrull Green
Stephens Magenta

First Grade (Neon Pink)
Anglea Orange
Robertson Red
Seigenthaler Grey
White Light Blue
Benjamin Gold

Second Grade (Red)
James Blue
Kane Light Blue
Smith Grey
Swinger Purple

Third Grade (Purple)
Eldridge Yellow
Dillehay Orange
Hicks Magenta
Hypes Red
Tucker Greens

Fourth Grade (Neon Green)
Sutton Blue
McKinney Yellow
Hardison Red
Easter Light Blue
Roden Grey

Fifth Grade (Blue)
Harris Magenta
Dillon Orange
Pursley Green
Park Purple

Aug 16

2015-2016 Lunch Schedule

Lunch Schedule 2015-2016 School year

Lunch Schedule 2015-2016 School year

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