Jul 11

Kindergarten Phase-in Week

The first week of school for kindergarteners will be a phase-in week where students will attend TWICE to allow for small groups to learn and to feel comfortable as they adjust to routines.
Please see the below schedule to determine the dates your child will attend during that week to assist you in your planning.  These days will be full days at school (8:30am – 3:30pm).  Students who arrive prior to 8:15 will wait in the gym until the bell rings for them to go to their class.  Adults will be in there to supervise, and for the phase-in week, you may wait in the gym with your child if you would like.  Please note that assignments to specific teachers will not be made until after the New Student Registration on July 27, so please be patient as you wait to hear from your child’s teacher before August 01.  We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our school family.
Monday, August 8th: last names A-I
Tuesday, August 9th: last names J-Q
Wednesday, August 10th: last names R-Z
Thursday, August 11th: last names A-L
Friday, August 12th: last names M-Z
The following Monday, August 15, ALL Kindergarteners will begin school full-time.