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2016 Supply List

 *****Supplies may be purchased at the ILE bookstore or any retail store.  At registration, one check may be written for books, fees and all supplies, and supplies will be delivered to the classrooms.*****

2016-2017 Supply List PDF


3 Crayons, box 24
1 Block eraser
1 Elmer’s glue, 4 oz.
1 Liquid, roll on type glue
12 # 2 pencils
1 Scissor, blunt
1 Box Kleenex
1 Box Ziploc, sandwich bags
1 Box Ziploc, gallon bags

First Grade

4 Glue sticks
4 Crayons, 24 count
2 Elmer’s glue
1 Scissor, sharp
1 Block eraser
24 #2 pencils
1 School box
1 Poly folder w/ pocket & brads
3 folders pocket only – 1 green, 1 yellow, 1 blue
2 Boxes Kleenex

 Second Grade

2 Cap eraser, packs
4 Black expo markers
2 Crayola Crayons, 24
1 Markers, broad tip
2 Large Glue sticks
1 Spiral Notebook
1 Box Kleenex
1 Pencil Box
24 #2 Pencils
1 Scissor, sharp
1 Marble cover Composition book
2 Folders, Poly w/ pockets & brads – 1 red and 1 black
4 Folders with pockets and brads – 1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 green

 Third Grade

1 Composition Notebooks 100 ct.
1 Crayons
3 Folder – Poly w/pockets & brads
1 Crayola Markers, fineline, 10 ct.
4 Expo Markers
1 Box Kleenex
48 #2 Pencils
2 Block erasers
1 Pencil top erasers, pack
1 Scissor, sharp
2 Notebook paper, wide ruled

 Fourth Grade

1 Box colored Pencils
1 Markers, fine line (skinny)
2 Folders, POLY, pockets only – 1 red, 1 blue
4 Folders, with brads
2 Notebook paper, wide ruled
1 Pencil Bag
2 Highlighters
4 Spiral Notebook, 1 subject
48 Pencils
2 Boxes Kleenex
2 Elmer’s glue
4 Expo Markers, fine point
1 Marble cover Composition book

 Fifth Grade

4 ExpoDry Erase Markers, black
4 Highlighters – 1 yellow, 1 orange, 1 pink, 1 green
48 #2 Pencils
2 Pencil bag w/ 3 holes
2 Notebook paper, wide ruled
2 Boxes Kleenex
3 Composition books
2 Folders – Poly w/pocket & brads(3) – 1 red, 1 blue
1 Large Glue stick
1 Paper towels
2 2″ 3 ring notebooks


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Before/After School Care

Fun Company


What is Fun Company?
YMCA Fun Company is a before and after-school care program provided by the YMCA of Middle Tennessee. It is a child-centered, discovery-based activity time that incorporates volunteers, parents, and school staff to help strengthen family life and supplement your child’s educational experience.

What will my child do at Fun Company?
Daily activities include discovery centers, staff initiated games, independent activities, and creative experiences. We allow time for homework with staff available to answer questions. The YMCA’s core values — caring, honesty, respect and responsibility — are also taught at Fun Company.

Hours of Operation
Fun Company sites open at 6:30am and close at 6pm. The program will remain open at select “all day out” sites for scheduled school closings and most holidays for a small additional fee of $18.00 per child.

Phone Number: 264-8314

Snow Care
On the days that schools are closed due to inclimate weather, our hours of operation will change. The YMCA will follow the decisions of the Sumner County Board of Education and close our program. On early dismissal days, Fun Co. will close within two hours of the early dismissal.

All Day Out Care
When schools are closed due to a scheduled closing, child care sites will be combined. The host sites for the 2014-2015 school year are: Guild, Lakeside and Whitten Elementary.

Registration Fees
Registration fees are assessed annually.
$30 per child.

Program Fees
Fees are for five days per week. Second child receives a $3.00 discount. Financial assistance is available.

Before school $36 per week
After school $45 per week
Before and After School $54 per week
3 Day Rate* only at AM& PM sites $38 per week

For more information on Fun Company or our Summer Odyssey program visit us at or contact Kathi Kemph at or (615) 782-2432.

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Art Club

Art club is for 5th graders only. There is a simple drawing requirement that needs to be turned in before the student is allowed to attend. This will be posted outside the Art Room inNovember or December with instructions. Once turned in, Art Club Members will be announced. In the past, we have met on Thursdays after school from 3:45-5:00. This year we will meet every Thursday of the month through the week before Spring Break. However that date may change. We are hoping to take a field trip to the Frist Museum this year as well.

Cub Scouts

The cub scouts from pack 407 from Indian Lake Elementary School would like to invite all boys in the 1st through 5th grades to our annual round up. This is a meeting for those boys and parents who are interested in joining to come out and receive information about scouting and register to join that night. Please contact the Cub Master at for specific date and time.

Garden Club

Just Say No

The “Just Say No” club is for students in 5th grade. Meetings are typically held on Thursday mornings, and are once a month in the library at 7:30am. During these meetings, we use activities and discussion to explore the topics of peer pressure, refusal skills, being assertive, and how the choices that you make now can have consequences in your life later. The Just Say No club sponsors Red Ribbon Week in October and the 5th grade Graduation Luau in May. We are also interested in having people from the community come speak at our meetings. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please contact The meeting schedule will be coming soon!

National Honor Society

This group is for 5th grade only. The requirements are for the student to have earned all A’s in 4th grade, with the exception of two B’s (in Q1,2,3,4.) Student behavior should be acceptable as well. There will be a $10 charge to cover the chapter affiliation fee. The NEHS will participate in various charitable events throughout the year. If interested and meet the requirements, see Mrs. Eldridge (

Running Club 2016-17

Practice is on Wednesdays, October 5th through April 27th, before school from 7:45 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. Register online by September 30th to join in on the fun. Dues are $5 per student. Registration for the Kids Rock Marathon help on Sunday, April 30th 2017 at Nissan Field in Nashville is required. Registration must be completed to later than December 31st 2016 to participate in the club. You can register for the Kids Rock Marathon here.

Sign Language Club

The Sign Club meets every other Monday after school from 3:30 p.m. – 4:15 p.m. It is free to join and open to all grades. Third Grade teacher, Suzanne Eldridge, leads the group by teaching basic sign language, such as the alphabet, numbers, manners, and the National Anthem. There are opportunities to perform the National Anthem at high school basketball/football games throughout the year. The goal of the club is to spread a knowledge of sign language through Sumner County. There are silent dinner nights at local restaurants with opportunities to meet deaf individuals and practice newly learned signs.

Anyone interested should email Mrs. Eldridge (


Warriares is a choral ensemble for 4th and 5th graders designed to expose them to more demanding choral music. This group performs at various school functions, venues outside of school, and will even have the experience of working in a local recording studio. Warriares meets weekly for rehearsals. Students interested in this group are invited to audition on the announced date.

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COMPASS is an acronym for Community Outreach Making Partnerships at Sumner

Schools. In July 2004, COMPASS began as a program of a large Nashville-based nonprofit, PENCIL Foundation, but gained enough local support and program perspective to become an independent organization on July 1, 2005. Our main objective is to form lasting, authentic partnerships between Sumner County Public Schools and businesses, organizations, churches, and individuals.

COMPASS is a vehicle for strengthening public schools by using all available community resources. Our mission is to develop partnerships between the business community and Sumner County Public Schools to improve student success. Partners are businesses, organizations, churches and individuals giving their time, money and/or resources.

Partners donate money, coupons as incentives, used computers, a field trip opportunity, etc. Many are classroom readers, tutors, mentors, spelling bee judges and even hallway painters.

We work closely with the Board of Education to assure that our objectives are aligned with those of the school system. The program is to compliment and augment the system by involving the private sector.

Visit for more information

Ernst Construction Corporation & Holiday Inn Express
Network Solutions Group, LLC
Brian Cook with Capital Financial Group



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New this year: Lunch menus available online

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Student Handbook


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