Sep 16

School Picture Order Information

To place an order for school pictures, please return the payment envelope to school.  If you will not be ordering, please return the portrait proof flier (that was sent home with your child) back to school. The deadline for return of proofs and portrait orders is Wednesday, September 24th.  Once Inter-State Photography has made their final pick up of orders, you will be required to pick up a Late Proof Return Envelope in the office to be returned directly to Inter-State Photography by mail.  A late fee of $7.00 must be added to cover special handling costs as well as the return postage cost.  Late Orders will be mailed directly to your home from Inter-State Photography.  Late Orders will be processed only if mailed within 30 days of the original due date of September 24th.  Late Orders may take 1-2 additional weeks to process.  Late Orders require additional handling and delivery time and therefore require the payment of a late fee for processing through Inter-State Photography.