Nov 06

Thanksgiving Lunch Details, Times and Menu

Important Notes for Friday, November 11

  • Parking is always an issue, but if you are comfortable parking on the grass, that is fine. We will also plan to have the access gate open on the side of the building near the K-2 playground for parking.
  • Please do not leave the cafeteria area with your child until his/her teacher arrives to pick up the class. The entire class will travel together to the Book Fair for approximately 15 minutes after lunch, and you are welcome to go with your child then if you would like. If it is time for your child’s class to leave the Library, and you are still in line, your child may return with the class. If you choose to have your child remain with you, then we ask that you escort your child back to the classroom before leaving the building. With over 1,000 people in the building, we trust you understand why we don’t want children to be unattended.
  • Five tables will be set up in the cafeteria, and three will be set up in the gym. As our enrollment has grown, this has become necessary to accommodate the visitors and students. Also, the newer tables in the cafeteria have seats that are very close together. No matter if you are in the cafeteria or the gym, the whole focus is on you being with your child.
  • Signs will be posted with table assignments, and they are pasted below as well so that you can know before you arrive and share with others that may be coming where to look. Again, signs will be on the tables and people here to help direct as well.
  • All visitors must sign in at the table in front of the office.

We know this is a special day for families, and we want it to be as fun and safe as possible.  Thank you for such wonderful support, and we hope your families are enjoying time together.

Thanksgiving Lunch Menu and Pricing Information

Please see menu and pricing details here.

Thanksgiving Lunch Times and Table Assignments

Please look for the assigned table number with signs attached listing teacher names and assigned times.  Five tables will be in the cafeteria, and three tables will be in the gym.  Thank you for understanding that the large numbers make schedules fluctuate from time to time, but we want everyone to enjoy this special day.

CAFETERIA TABLE 1:                                            CAFETERIA TABLE 5:

Engebretson     10:15                                              Stephens      10:35

Seigenthaler     10:55                                              Hicks             11:15

Easter               11:35                                              Bullock          11:55

Park                  12:15                                              James           12:35


CAFETERIA TABLE 2:                                            GYM TABLE 6:

Bentley             10:20                                                Russell         10:40

White                11:00                                                Tucker          11:20

Sutton               11:40                                                Dillon            12:00

Smith                12:20


CAFETERIA TABLE 3:                                              GYM TABLE 7:

McFarland        10:25                                                 Benjamin      10:45

Reamy              11:05                                                 Dillehay        11:25

Hardison           11:45                                                 Harris           12:05

Swinger             12:25


CAFETERIA TABLE 4:                                             GYM TABLE 8:

Bostic                10:30                                               Robertson     10:50

Eldridge             11:10                                               Hypes           11:30

Rodden              11:50                                               Pursley         12:10

Kane                  12:30