Jan 11

Very Important: Picture Information

Dear Parents,

To say that our school picture situation this year has been less than ideal would be quite the understatement, and truly I appreciate your incredible patience more than I could possibly say. At this point, a different school photography company will be handling our class, club, and spring pictures. Many of you are familiar with them: Interstate Studios used by several schools in our area.

What does this mean to us at the moment? Once again I ask for your patience with the following changes:

  • THIS Friday, January 15, will be a day for “Yearbook Pictures.” Due to many of the students’ pictures not being located for the class pages in the yearbook, Interstate Studios has graciously agreed to come this Friday and take a classic head shot for the yearbook of EACH child to ensure EVERY child has a picture for the yearbook. For the golfers out there, consider it a Mulligan, if you will. J
  • This should take no more than 10 minutes for each class as we want to interrupt instruction as little as possible.
  • The background on Friday will be blue.
  • A schedule for picture times is attached.
  • Where we have used parent volunteers before, we hate to ask that again, so we will try to handle this with teachers and staff.
  • As is the case with ALL school portraits, purchases are optional. A paper proof will be provided with information if you want to order any in the event you were not satisfied with the ones in the Fall. The flyer will have information about how to order online should you want to do so, but please know this is not about a fundraiser for the school. Rather, it is necessary in order to have pictures for the yearbook, so if no one chooses to purchase a package, that is still fine, so please feel no pressure to purchase.
  • If students are absent this Friday, we will try to locate their picture from the Fall or take another one here at school. There will be no retakes after this Friday… hopefully! J
  • Also, our Class, Club, and Individual Spring Pictures will ALL be on Friday, March 18, with more information about that in the weeks to come. Please note this to mean the pictures indicated on the school events calendar will NOT be taken tomorrow – again, those will be on March 18.

Flagship Photography regrets the many issues encountered this Fall, and they were willing to work with us so that we could secure alternate plans for this year that will hopefully result in smoother procedures and more quality photos for our students.

Personally, again I thank you for understanding that in the grand scheme of making sure each child’s safety and education are top priority, this is relatively a small matter. However, I apologize profusely for the inconveniences these matters have caused.


Ondie Mitchell, Principal

Yearbook Picture Day Schedule, Friday, January 15

Jan. 15 Picture Schedule

  • Students will line up alphabetically.
  • Pictures will be taken in the gym.
  • The background will be blue.
  • This will be a head shot for the yearbook.
  • Teachers and staff will have theirs made beginning at 8:00 OR with their class.
  • No card will be necessary to give to the photographer.
  • If students are with a Related Arts teacher, then that teacher will bring them to the gym.